Workday @ Warner Music

The challenge:
How do you sell the rather stuffy world of HR to the young creative crowd at Warner Music?

Warner Music are the third largest record label in the world responsible for some of the biggest recording artists in history. My agency were approached by Workday to create educational and promotional content to prepare staff for the Workday human resources system Warner were implementing across all their labels in the uk.

I was tasked to design and storyboard a short promotional video that we could then use adapted stills from for posters and other material. In order to summarise the broad spectrum of music and music fans Warner cater for I set out to create quirky, vibrant individual characters. Presenting them in a bold, simple yet charming style I was able to inject humour and personality into what could otherwise have been a pretty dull 90 seconds.



Working closely with the animator and copywriter I created the storyboards and assets for the video, posters and other promotional material, hand drawing initial ideas before drawing them into a vector app on an iPad pro for further tweaking in illustrator. I would then direct the animator in revisions until the video matched my intentions.

Feedback for the video was overwhelming positive.

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