Clarks Virtual Store

The challenge:
To glimpse the future whilst celebrating an icon.

To celebrate the anniversary of the iconic Desert Boot, Clarks innovation department approached us to reimagine the online shopping experience. With Google cardboard having recently been released at the time and knowing the vast array of digital assets Clarks had but weren't utilising we decided to create a virtual shopping experience.

As nearly everyone has a smartphone we could ensure a wide user base and as the viewer itself is an inexpensive cardboard structure it leant itself to being constructed out of a shoe box. A motion based version using the accelerometers and a touch based version were also created for use on tablets or iOS for which Google cardboard wasn't available at the time.

Multiple images were taken at various points throughout a specially layed out store using a multi camera rig. I then used special software to stitch the images together and create several 360°panoramas to cover the entire store.

Using Unity3d and the recently released at the time cardboard API I designed and created several scenes. Together with the C# scripts from the developer on the project we were able to create video gallery's, information modals, 3D product views and an intuitive method of navigating through the space.

Due to contractual arrangements with some of the clients I have worked for, my site requires a password to enter.

If you haven't been sent it and don't belive in your codebreaking abilities then you can request it here.