The challenge:
To make sending greetings a little bit more eco friendly.

send:eco was a personal project developed as a solution to the problem of excess waste over the Christmas holidays. Upset by the vast amount of paper generated sending greetings cards but finding digital e-cards a bit naff, I realised that by printing differently on a postcard, traditional greetings could still be sent but in a much more eco-friendly way.

By Printing the address panel upside-down and on the reverse side to the message area I realised the cards could travel through the postal sorting machines as postcards without any issues. However once received the pre-creased cards could be folded in half and displayed regularly with the address on the
inside leaf tucked out of view.

Further eco-friendly credentials included printing with vegetable based inks onto 100% recycled stock. The first edition also paired with the Sumatran Orangutan Society where for every pack bought, a tree was planted in the depleted areas of the Sumatran rainforest.

Initially sold online and through retailer Oliver Bonas, the concept and cards were later picked up by Amnesty International who commissioned a pack of thank-you cards and another Christmas series for sale in a variety of stockists nationwide and on their online store.

Due to contractual arrangements with some of the clients I have worked for, my site requires a password to enter.

If you haven't been sent it and don't belive in your codebreaking abilities then you can request it here.