Clarks Gloforms

The challenge:
To grab the imagination of children through light.

When Clarks innovation department wanted to bring their new Clarks kids characters to life, they approached my agency to come up with ideas on the best way to do it. The 'gloforms' characters were all based on light, with light-up toy versions of the characters found in the shoes themselves. Having seen the potential in using projectors and screens to create simple 3D projections in an Asian Heineken ad I explored how this could be adapted and modified for children to use to really bring these characters to life and light up a child's imagination.



Taking the initial rough 3D character models made in digital clay I converted them to a more usable format and created quick tests to make sure that the brightness of an iPhone or iPad was suitable and that the effect would work within a shoe box. Multiple versions were tested to discover optimal viewing distances, how much screen area I had for the animations to play with, and ideal loop length etc.

Once these tests had proven the idea could work I created storyboards for longer animations that would develop the characters further and show off the holographic appearance. Working with a 3D animator we added Falling leaves, fire balls, electronic pulses to see how far we could push this effect without becoming overkill.

The concept impressed, was approved for development and was then adapted and improved further by 3D animation specialists for inclusion it the latest version of the hugely popular Clarks kids app.

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