Sealy Bed Builder

The challenge:
To help Sealy bring you the perfect night's sleep.

Tempur Sealy are the largest manufacturers of beds in the world, so when my agency were approached to create a bed building app for use in store and at home we knew that only a flawless and seamless experience would be good enough.

In order to be successful the app would need to find a balance between making the vast array of customisations easy to access so the user could completely personalise their selection yet get enough guidance along the way should they not be sure what they wanted.

With countless possible combinations information had to be organised in a clear and concise manner at every stage in the process. I worked closely with the lead developer to ensure that design and ux decisions would not come at the cost of load times or overly bloat the app as often it would need to be downloaded in department stores and shops where the wi fi would be patchy.

Due to contractual arrangements with some of the clients I have worked for, my site requires a password to enter.

If you haven't been sent it and don't belive in your codebreaking abilities then you can request it here.