Burger & Lobster

The challenge:
To make a fashionable restaurant even more appetising.

As one of the UK's hippest and talked about restaurants Burger and Lobster approached us to create a responsive website and email templates to promote the opportunity of becoming a franchisee.

The design needed to be both professional and clear yet retain all the irreverent charm and personality the brand likes to instill in all its restaurants and staff.

I Designed and created HTML email templates for broadcasting via MailChimp as well as completely designing the main responsive site and assisting with the front end build.

Utilising a library of vintage woodcut illustrations I created an aesthetic that was playfully serious, enticing possible franchisees with bold imagery, graphics and information. the use of sliders and small section strips enabled laying out a lot of information without appearing overly wordy.

Due to contractual arrangements with some of the clients I have worked for, my site requires a password to enter.

If you haven't been sent it and don't belive in your codebreaking abilities then you can request it here.